Terms of Use

Fedict hosts a website with open data that are made available by the federal and Flemish public services, and the federal and Flemish government institutions. Fedict undertakes to handle the technical maintenance of the Opendata Website and to ensure maximum availability.

Unless otherwise specified you are free to use the information available on the Opendata Website free of charge and for personal purposes only, subject to source attribution. In cases where prior permission is required for the use or reproduction of certain information, the restrictions on the use thereof are expressly specified. Fedict reserves all intellectual property rights over the Opendata Website.

The Opendata Website chiefly contains links to data made available by authorities, public bodies and organisations over which Fedict has no control in terms of technology or content. These duties rest with the public services and government institutions concerned that make their data available through the Opendata Website. As such, Fedict is unable to furnish any guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy either of the content or regarding the availability of said data. The intellectual property rights over said data rest with the authorities concerned.

If you should come across any errors or inaccuracies in the data made available through the website or have any queries relating thereto, please contact the public service concerned. If you are unaware which public service this might be, please feel free to contact Fedict as the technical administrator of the website. In the latter case, Fedict will be happy to refer you to the appropriate public service.

The public services and government institutions that make data available through the Opendata Website are making considerable efforts to ensure that the data they provide are complete, correct, accurate, and up to date. In spite of these efforts, inaccuracies may occur in the data made available. If the data provided through the Opendata Website should be found to contain errors or inaccuracies or if certain data should be found to be unavailable through the Opendata Website, the public services and government institutions will make strenuous efforts to amend and rectify matters as soon as possible.

Fedict and the public services and government institutions decline any liability for any loss or damage incurred, whether directly or indirectly, from the consultation or the use of the data.

Each public service or government institution itself determines the terms and conditions governing access to and use of the data. Users are deemed to be aware of and act in compliance with said terms of use. For each dataset, you may be asked by the relevant public services and government institutions to sign a licence agreement. The applicable licence agreements are available to be consulted through the Opendata Website. The existence of such a licence agreement might result in your not having immediate access to the data required.

A section will be included on the Opendata Website where users can send in their queries, ideas or suggestions to Fedict. Fedict reserves the right to publish or use any matters worthy of attention. Any such ideas and suggestions may be sent on to the authorities concerned. However, no guarantees are offered that any such ideas or suggestions will actually result in the adaptation of the services provided.

The Opendata Website will be made to include a section where you can make examples of applications available to other parties or consult applications created by other parties. The aim of this section is strictly to facilitate the exchange of examples of applications created by end users and information relating thereto between end users. Fedict advises users to first examine any examples before adopting them or using them as a source of inspiration.

Please bear in mind that Fedict has no control over these applications in terms of technology or content. This control rests with the end users concerned who are making the applications available over the Opendata Website. Consequently, Fedict is unable to offer any guarantees as to the applications themselves or with regard to their content or the technologies used. If you decide to make an application available through this section, you undertake to:

  • only make available applications that do nut run counter to public peace or moral standards, that are not discriminatory, insultory, defamatory or offensive, that do not prejudice the intellectual property rights held by third parties or in any other way infringe the rights of other parties or that are contrary to the laws that apply in Belgium in any sense;
  • only make available applications that do not contain viruses, that have no technical flaws/faults and that do not harm the operation of computers, servers and such like;
  • state your first name, name, address and email address. Only your first name, your initials or your nickname will be published.

Fedict shall be within its rights to take down applications if a complaint is received.